How Can The Wegmann Law Firm Help You With Your Divorce Case?

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Lawyers


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In Missouri, divorce petitioners require assistance when producing the right documents for these proceedings. They should also take a realistic approach when identifying the terms of the divorce. This may require certain compromises to finalize the divorce. The Wegmann Law Firm helps these petitioners manage the requirements and enforce their rights.

Creating a Comprehensive Divorce Agreement

A comprehensive divorce agreement addresses all requirements for the divorce. It identifies the exact reason why the marriage wasn’t successful. It also defines reasonable terms for both parties. To begin this process, the petitioner should identify terms of property division.

Under Missouri laws, they may acquire an equal division of the assets. However, properties owned prior to the marriage may be fall under the marital property classification. The attorney must help them identify what properties or assets to which they are entitled.

Negotiating Child Custody and Support Assignments

Each parent may feel that they are the right choice for the child. This could lead to disputes about child custody and support assignments. The petitioner must evaluate possible opportunities to provide equal time for the child with both parents. However, if a risk to the child exists, they must disclose details about these risks to their attorney. Cases in which domestic violence or addiction exists could provide an opportunity for full custody.

Child support assignments are based on the income of both parties. Both parents are responsible for the child equally. The court may choose a value that reflects equal responsibility based on the parents’ earning potential.

Assistance Through the Mediation Process

Any dispute that could lead to a divorce trial requires mediation. This process allows both parties to discuss their desires for the divorce. This may result in modifications to the divorce agreement. If mediation fails, a divorce trial is scheduled to finalize the divorce.

In Missouri, divorce petitioners are guided through the divorce proceedings by an attorney. They produce a divorce agreement that should reflect fair and reasonable terms. Parties that can reach an agreement could reduce the time needed to finalize their divorce. Petitioners who need assistance should contact the Wegmann Law Firm or Visit Website for further details today.

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