How Do Slip And Fall Injury Lawyers In York Manage Premise’s Liabilities?

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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In Pennsylvania, patrons of local businesses may sustain personal injuries under certain circumstances. If the condition that led to the injuries was the responsibility of the owner, the victim has a viable case against them. The following defines how slip and fall injury lawyers in York manage premise’s liabilities.

Identifying the Exact Defendant

The legalities that apply to premise’s liabilities define who is at fault. In these cases, it is possible to have more than one defendant. The terms of leases define what party is responsible for maintenance. However, they may also identify conditions that revert blame back to the property owner. The attorney must review the exact terms of the lease to define who is at fault.

Finding the Right Evidence

The right evidence begins with the victim’s medical records. These records must present conclusive evidence linking these injuries to the accident. They must also acquire any video footage available through the surveillance system. This is a common request for local businesses that allow visitors inside their property.

Pinpointing How the Owner Failed the Victim

Next, they pinpoint the exact failure that occurred. Most premise’s liabilities are associated with overdue maintenance requirements. Due to these conditions, the victim falls and becomes injured. If the owner or manager of the property was aware of this condition, they are held at a higher liability. This knowledge indicates that the accident was avoidable and unnecessary.

Reviewing Previous Knowledge of the Hazardous Condition

The attorney may subpoena maintenance records for the property. These records define if the owner was aware of the safety hazard. If they have this evidence and failed to comply with standards, they must provide compensation for the full expenses of the victim. This includes pain and suffering that resulted from the accident.

In Pennsylvania, publicly accessible properties are maintained by their owner or an elected official. These property owners must eliminate any condition that could lead to an injury. If partons are injured due to these safety hazards, the owners are responsible for the individual’s medical expenses. Victims hire slip and fall injury lawyers in York or contact us to acquire more info right now.

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