Questions to Ask a Disability Attorney in Tumwater, WA

It’s possible for a person to become disabled for many reasons. From complications related to a chronic condition to some type of accident, the range is broad. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how disability benefits work. The best way to learn about the benefits is to sit down with a disability attorney in Tumwater, WA. Here are some of the questions that should be addressed during the conversation.

What Conditions Are Considered Eligible for Disability Benefits?

As the disability attorney in Tumwater, WA will explain, the Social Security Administration has a working definition of the term disability. In order to qualify for benefits, the applicant must have a condition that meets the terms of that definition. Since various conditions may or may not be covered under certain circumstances, it pays to discuss the health issue with the attorney and how it impacts mobility, the ability to hold down a job, and other key factors.

Is It Possible to Receive Disability Benefits While Receiving Other Income?

Many people wonder how the reception of other income affects disability benefits. The lawyer can explain how income such as payments from a trust fund, an insurance policy, or even basic Social Security benefits may or may not have any impact on receiving disability payments. That will require looking closely at the personal circumstances of the client.

Is It Possible to Work and Still Receive Disability Benefits?

While continuing to work at the same job is out of the question, the client is able to work a part-time job performing simple tasks. As long as the monthly gross income earned from that job is under a certain amount, it is possible to work and draw benefits. The attorney can verify that current maximum figure and help the client decide if filing an application is worth the effort.

There is a lot more to learn about disability benefits before filing a claim. Contact Attorneys Putnam Lieb Potvin today and find out if receiving benefits is possible. If so, an attorney will provide assistance in reviewing the answers and making sure everything is in order before the application is submitted.