How to Successfully Hire a Brain Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI

Brain injuries occur for a variety of reasons and may have devastating effects on the lives of those involved, as well as family members. When these injuries result in lawsuits, it is important to seek help from a Brain Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI. There are many ways brain injuries occur. Some will result in problems such as paralysis and brain tumors. Others are due to heart disease, meningitis, illegal drug use and alcohol abuse. Most brain injuries, however, happen traumatically, meaning they occurred as a result of car accidents, sporting events, and even attempted murder.

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in two ways: A person receives a direct blow to the head and may suffer an injury strong enough to damage their brain. An even stronger blow can break the skull and injure the brain directly. Blows to the head resulting in brain injuries can occur when the head hits an object but can also result from physical assaults. The other way is through an auto accident. When a collision occurs, the impact can cause the brain to move back and forth in the skull. During the movement, the nerve fibers and brain tissue can be damaged.

The three levels of traumatic brain injury are mild, moderate, and severe. With mild brain injuries, the person may feel dazed and confused and lose their train of thought for a few seconds or minutes. Although this condition, known as a concussion, lasts only a short period, there is evidence to suggest that it alters that person’s brain function. Moderate brain injuries occur when the victim loses minutes or hours. After regaining consciousness, the person may be confused for a few days or weeks. There are some temporary or permanent physical, cognitive changes too. Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI, at this point, is crucial.

The most serious brain injury is classified as severe, with unconsciousness lasting days to months. There are also several classifying sub-groups. These include coma, vegetative state, persistent vegetative state, a minimally responsive state, and akinetic mutism. Contact Brabazon Law Office LLC Green Bay WI to learn more.