Questions to Ask a DUI Attorney in Oswego, IL

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Attorneys


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Driving under the influence is a serious charge and should not be handled without the assistance of a DUI Attorney in Oswego IL. There are a lot of lawyers out there, though, so it’s important to choose the right one. Anyone who needs to answer to this kind of charge in court can find the right lawyer by asking these questions.

1. What kind of special training do you have that can help me win the case?

The answer to this question will tell a potential client whether the attorney knows enough about field sobriety tests and testing devices to provide an exceptional defense.

2. Who will represent me in court?

In many large law firms, the DUI Attorney in Oswego IL who meets with a client for their initial consultation is not the one who will be by their side in court. A client who wants to speak with the attorney who will represent them should request it when they call to schedule the interview.

3. Do you regularly appear in the courthouse where I’ll be tried?

Attorneys who frequently appear in a courthouse are likely to know the staff and the specific procedures of that location. They’ll be familiar with the layout of the building and the parking accommodations so they won’t be late to court.

4. What are the potential outcomes for my case, and what can I expect if I hire you?

Every case has a best, worst, and most likely outcome. Although an attorney may not be able to tell a potential client exactly how their case will end, they should be able to give a client an idea of what they can expect based on the facts of the case and their experience in court.

5. Can you tell me about your fees?

Most experienced attorneys do not charge their full hourly rate for an initial consultation. Many offer this service for free. It’s important for clients to know whether their attorney charges by the hour or a flat rate and if additional fees for filing motions on behalf of the client apply.

While it’s important to choose an attorney quickly, it’s also important to ensure the chosen attorney has the right skills, experience, and connections to provide optimal representation to a DUI client. Visit to get more information.

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