Identifying All Requirements With Divorce Attorneys in Glenview

If you decide to obtain a divorce in Glenview, Illinois, you need to talk to an experienced, local divorce lawyer. He or she can explain to you and maybe even simplify the requirements. A specialist in this field of law understands everything from the legal name of divorce in this state – Dissolution of Marriage, to the granting of a female to take back her maiden name upon the final divorce decree.

Basic Requirements for a Divorce in Illinois

To dissolve your marriage, your law firm must concern itself with obtaining two essential documents:

  1. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
  2. Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage

The former is the starting point of the procedure; the latter concludes the proceedings. These are not the only documents you may need to file. Others your divorce attorney will typically file are:

  • Verification Statement
  • Waiver of Two Year Statutory Period of Separation
  • Financial Disclosure Statement

Your attorney will make sure you comply with the various requirements in order for you to obtain your divorce smoothly. This means telling him:

  • What Type of Divorce: Only two types of divorce exist in this state: non-fault and fault. For the latter, your lawyer will need to know what grounds you intend to use e.g. habitual alcoholism or drug use resulting in lewd, debilitative and unacceptable behavior, adultery
  • Residency: One spouse must at least be a resident of the state of Illinois for a minimum of 90 days
  • Jurisdiction: Depending upon who lived where, the lawyer will have to determine which court has jurisdiction and what impact will occur if one partner lives in Glenview, IL, and the other lives in another state filing the petition will also depend upon residency

Contact a Divorce Attorney

Divorce laws in Illinois can be complex. Even the simplified dissolution procedure may require the expertise of a divorce attorney. Before you begin the procedure, contact someone who understands all the requirements of divorce law in Glenview.