Should You Seek Help from Auto Accident Attorneys in Hawaii?

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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When looking for auto accident attorneys in Hawaii, it is vital that the victim schedule a consult with each firm or lawyer to determine which is the best one for their case. Remember that compensation depends on many factors (severity of the injury, whether or not there is permanent damage, personal circumstances of the victim, etc.). Whatever the case, hire an attorney to seek out maximum compensation. When an accident results in an injury, people must stay calm, as there are several issues that can arise due to people panicking at the scene. If possible, the victim should seek medical assistance right away. They should also get names and contact information of people who saw the events unfold. This is huge if the victim wants to win their case.

It may be advisable to seek compensation for damages suffered in an auto accident. A police and medical report can be really helpful, especially if there is severe physical damage. This report can be especially valuable when the compensation offered by the insurance company is much lower than the victim thinks they deserve. If this is the case, an attorney will bring the case before a judge and allow him or her to make the final decision.

When assessing compensation, the valuation carried out by insurance companies will usually differ from the calculations of a victim. If the victim accepts the initial compensation offer, the process will be completed and all parties can move on. Before accepting this offer, it is advised that people consult with auto accident attorneys in Hawaii. If both parties do not agree on the number given by an insurance company, the attorney will help the victim make a claim. When calculating compensation, things like permanent injury, temporary disability or death, as well as time out of work, is taken into account.

There are established legal deadlines in an auto injury case. From the time an accident occurs, the victim has just weeks to make a claim. If they do not comply with these laws, they may lose the chance to claim compensation. The claims are different for civil and criminal cases too. If deadlines are passed, the victim is left hopeless and they cannot do anything. Visit to learn more.

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