If You’re Hurt At Work, Contact A Workplace Injury Attorney

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Workers Compensation


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It’s a common misunderstanding that truck drivers are unsafe. The truth is, most truck drivers are highly trained and most likely have thousands of hours of experience driving their rig. When a truck accident occurs it’s common that the driver is blamed before all the facts are in. This is incredibly unfair for drivers who are safe and obey the laws of the road. If an accident has occurred the first thing to do after contacting emergency services is to call a Truck Accident Attorney. The driver of the truck should avoid making any statements to the police or other drivers before talking to an attorney. Even a simple statement could affect the outcome of the case should it go to court or result in criminal charges.

When talking to a Truck Accident Attorney it’s important to relay all the details exactly as they were witnessed. Having dash camera footage is a good place to start. Proving that everything possible was done to avoid the accident will help reach the best outcome possible. Maintenance records and other evidence that the vehicle is in safe working standards will make it clear that the vehicle was safe to have on the road. The attorney may have other evidence to gather but these items are a good start. With some time a case can be built that prevents the truck driver from losing their license but there is no guarantee that points won’t be added. In some cases, it may be possible to talk with the judge or preemptively attend a traffic class to avoid points.

Any driver who plans to make a trip soon can talk to an attorney now in order to get a better idea of what steps can be taken to avoid legal issues if an accident occurs. Law offices such as Edwards & Bullard Law are happy to consult with most clients for free and even arrange a retainer for their services should they be needed later on. This is suggested for drivers who take trips out of state or stay on the road for extended periods of time. Knowing how to avoid legal consequences for an unavoidable accident is something all truck drivers should know about and with the right help it’s easy. You can also watch video on YouTube channel for more information.

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