Injury Attorneys Provide Help After Subway Metro Accidents in Greenbelt

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Lawyers


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Metro Accidents in Greenbelt can cause serious injuries with long-lasting consequences. The person riding the subway or waiting to board may have medical expenses for months or even years to come. A personal injury lawyer handling the case may ask for compensation for physical pain and suffering as well as emotional trauma. The individual may deserve more than a quick settlement that covers the immediate medical bills and lost wages while off work.

Examples of Accidents

Subway Metro Accidents in Greenbelt can occur for a range of reasons and may affect people riding, boarding or leaving the train. If a train is hit by another train from behind, for example, people trying to board or get off are likely to fall. Riders inside the train may be injured as well. The individuals have little control over what is happening in these situations.

A derailment can seriously injure passengers and people waiting on the platform. A train operator may cause an accident if he or she is intoxicated. The subway insurer is also liable for accidents that occur on stairs; stairs that become wet and slippery can cause someone to fall.

Procedures to Follow

There are specific procedures to follow when filing an injury claim against a public transportation entity. These guidelines can be complicated and difficult for a person with no legal experience to perform effectively, especially while recovering from the accident. Attorneys with a firm such as the Jaklitsch Law Group make sure everything is done correctly.

The Problem of Delayed Symptoms

Another problem may occur if injury symptoms are delayed. This is relatively common, especially with back injuries. Pain and stiffness may not arise for several days after the accident. The insurer may dispute the claim that these symptoms are related to the accident. Attorneys with a firm such as Jaklitsch Law Group can help.

Contingency Fees

Accident attorneys typically work on a contingency basis, meaning they receive a percentage of the settlements they obtain for clients instead of requiring retainer fees. This is very advantageous for injured individuals who are already having trouble paying their regular bills because they are not receiving paychecks.

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