Key Tasks a Lawyer Handles After Trucking Accidents in Bowie

Accidents between semi-trucks and other vehicles can be devastating due to the size of the semi-truck. For the survivors of the accident, obtaining compensation for their injuries isn’t often something they’ll want to do, it’s a necessity. They need the money to cover huge amounts of medical bills, their loss of work from recovering from the accident and, in some cases, the loss of the ability to work in the future from the accident. Lawyers who handle Trucking Accidents in Bowie have key tasks they’ll handle when helping victims of these accidents.

Determining the Liability of the Accident

The truck driver might not actually be liable for the accident. It’s vital to determine who is liable so the person can have a much better chance of obtaining the right amount of compensation for their injuries. Those liable for a trucking accident can include the driver, their employer, the mechanic that works on the truck, or the manufacturer of the truck.

Determining Quantifiable Damages of the Victims

Quantifiable damages are those damages that have bills and can easily be added together to determine how much the person has spent or will spend on their recovery. This includes present and future medical bills, car repair or replacement costs, and current or future lost wages. These will often make up a significant portion of the person’s compensation and will likely determine the minimum amount the person should receive for the accident.

Determining Non-Quantifiable Damages of the Victims

Non-quantifiable damages are the ones that are more difficult to determine because there isn’t a monetary amount added to them. A person who is physically unable to live their life the same, such as a person who was paralyzed because of the accident, might receive compensation for the loss of enjoyment of life. A person who lost their loved one in the accident might receive compensation for the loss of companionship. You can click here to get more details.

Trucking Accidents in Bowie cause serious injuries to the victims of the accidents, and these victims will require compensation to help them financially recover from the incident. Those who are injured in a trucking accident may want to contact the Jaklitsch Law Group for more information or to get help for their case.