Managing A Custody Hearing With An Attorney In Jefferson County, MO

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Lawyers


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In Missouri, parents must attend a child custody hearing after they complete a divorce trial. In these cases, the court will hear each parent’s side of the story and determine which parent is the most appropriate fit for the child. An Attorney in Jefferson County MO provides guidance for parents who must attend these hearings to secure custody of their child.

Investigating Allegations Against a Parent

At any time that a claim is made against a parent, the court will assign a child services worker to investigate these allegations thoroughly. A home study is conducted to determine if a parent is a risk to the child and any evidence of this risk is secured by the caseworker. The evidence is used to assist the claimant in acquiring sole custody of the child when a risk is present.

Child Custody Arrangements

Joint custody arrangements provide each parent with the same rights to make decisions for the child. Each parent receives equal time with the child and is presented a schedule for holidays and visitation. If a risk is present, sole custody is presented to one parent who makes all decisions about the child, and the noncustodial parent is assigned supervised visitation.

The Rights of the Child

In cases where the child is at least twelve years of age, the child has the legal right to share their preferences with the court. An attorney or guardian ad litem is assigned to the child to present the child’s wishes to the court. If a risk doesn’t exist, it is likely that the child’s wishes are granted.

Calculating Child Support Payments

The child support payments are based on the income of each parent as well as the total number of children for which support is provided. Any additional medical requirements for the child are taken into consideration when these payments are calculated.

In Missouri, a child custody hearing is scheduled after a divorce trial has concluded. The hearing allows each party to present their argument for why they believe they should receive custody of the child. Parents who need assistance with these cases contact an Attorney in Jefferson County MO by Visit the website today.

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