Personal Injury Claims Can Be Handled by an Attorney in Walker, MN

by | May 19, 2017 | Personal Injury


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A personal injury case is one that occurs when another person or business is negligent. Personal injury claims may arise after auto accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, and assaults. It is important injured victims realize their civil claim can be filed in addition to criminal charges and can even be sought if the one who caused their injuries is found not guilty of their criminal case. Whenever a person is injured because of another, it is wise for the victim to review their legal options by meeting with an attorney in Walker, MN.

The first step an injured person needs to take is to schedule a consultation appointment with the attorney. Many injury attorneys offer free consultation appointments to new clients who are in need of legal advice. At this appointment, the victim needs to be prepared to bring in the evidence they have and discuss the facts of their claim. The attorney needs to learn the facts of the case so they can begin to make a determination on the legal options a victim has.

Injury lawsuits should not be filed until a victim has been released by their doctor or the doctor has determined their condition will never improve. The attorney needs to know the final medical outcome so they can be sure their client receives a fair settlement outcome.

Often, in personal injury claims, an insurance company is the first to be approached. The attorney will solicit a settlement offer from the insurance company and negotiate until they feel they have been given the best offer. While many personal injury claims are settled outside of court, a lawsuit is sometimes the only way for a fully fair outcome to be sought.

The state of Minnesota allows injured victims two years from the date of their injury or the discovery of the injury to file a claim. The sooner an attorney is involved, the better the chances of a favorable outcome being achieved.

If you have been injured in a personal injury scenario, contact an attorney in Walker, MN. Call today so your consultation meeting can be scheduled. Visit us to receive the legal help you need.

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