Why Parents Must Contact a Child Birth Injury Attorney in New London, CT

by | May 25, 2017 | Lawyers


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It is an unbelievable tragedy when a healthy baby is left with lifelong pain or disability due to the actions of the medical team during birth. Every parent fears something happening to their child, but very few imagine that the suffering could be caused by the people who were there to guarantee its safety. It is a situation that everyone should know is occurring in hospitals across the country.

Sadly, injuries during childbirth are rising. Since 1989 there have been only two types of common injuries that have declined while all others have become more frequent. A child birth injury attorney in New London, CT is what people need if they become one of these unfortunate parties.

• Approximately 6 out of every 1000 births result in injury.

• The majority of all birth injuries are preventable.

• Almost 14% of the injuries remain undiagnosed until the child reaches school age.

• Hospitals with 300 – 499 beds have the highest rate of birth injuries.

• For-profit hospitals suffer more incidents than non-profit hospitals.

• Rural parents are 33% more likely to experience this heartbreak than urban parents.

• About 134 infants out of every 100,000 born die due to birth injury complications.

• Preventable injuries can double the cost of birth due to the complications it creates.

• One out of every 9,714 births in the United States results in a birth injury.

Mistakes do happen, but often the cause of an injury is neglect. By contacting a child birth injury attorney in New London, CT parents have the potential of getting a judgment that will enable them to provide financially for their injured child. Their lawsuit will also draw attention to medical facilities and professionals that are not caring for patients in a proper manner.

Stephen M. Reck has listened to the stories of many parents whose lives were upended due to carelessness. His firm is dedicated to making certain that people pay for their negligence. Making these doctors, nurses and specialists and hospital administration take responsibility for their mistakes is the only way to reduce the risk future parents and their children will face. Visit the website to learn more about the firm or to schedule a consultation.

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