Reviewing Proper Protocol With A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Attorneys


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In Massachusetts, seniors are protected under a variety of laws that prevent circumstances such as nursing home abuse or neglect. These laws dictate how their family must proceed in the event that abuse or neglect is discovered. A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney helps these families manage these requirements quickly.

The Signs of Abuse

The most common signs of nursing home abuse or neglect are bruises, bedsores, and unexplained broken bones. The family should take their senior to visit their doctor at the first sign of any of these conditions. The doctor evaluates the senior to determine the severity of their injuries and determine if they were abused. This also gives the senior a safe outlet to talk about how the staff is treating them in the facility.

Removing the Senior from the Nursing Home

Once abuse or neglect has been identified, the family must remove the senior from the nursing home. They must complete this task without tipping off the staff initially. If the staff becomes aware, they could hide evidence that indicates that they are mistreating additional patients as well.

Informing Law Enforcement and Filing a Report

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a crime. The family should file a report with local law enforcement once the individual is identified. This allows the agency to arrest the individual who injured the senior. It also helps to start an investigation of the nursing home to prevent further seniors from falling victim to the same treatment.

Filing a Civil Lawsuit

The family should also file a civil lawsuit against the facility. This provides their senior with a monetary award for their injuries. It covers medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. This action may heighten awareness among other families as well.

In Massachusetts, seniors have rights under state and federal laws. These opportunities allow them to file charges against nursing home facilities in which they are being abused. The families of these seniors have a right to remove the senior from their facility at any time. Families that need the assistance of a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney should contact Daniel and Fontaine LLC for further information today. You can also visit them on Facebook for regular updates.

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