Reviewing the Facts with an Accident Attorney in Coeur D’Alene, ID

In Idaho, auto accident victims must examine the facts of their case and compile them for their claim. These claims are filed against the accountable driver identified by law enforcement. An examination of the facts determines the most effective option for acquiring compensation from this driver. An accident attorney in Coeur D’Alene, ID assists these victims with formal claims.

The Statute of Limitations for Accident Claims

An auto accident victim must submit their formal claim to the court before the second anniversary of their accident. The state has a two-year statute of limitations for auto accidents. It applies to claims for medical coverage and financial compensation. However, the victims have up to three years to file for any property damage sustained.

Collecting from the Insurance Provider

If the accountable driver had insurance, the first step is to file the claim through the insurance provider. However, the policy will provide only the value assigned. If the driver has liability insurance, the maximum for an auto accident is $50,000. If the victim’s medical costs exceed this value, they may need to file a formal claim to collect the remaining balance of their expenses. If the injuries present the victim with a permanent disability, the court may assign a greater value.

Filing a Lawsuit for Injuries and Expenses

The lawsuit must include all medical records for the victim’s injuries. These records should show how the injuries affect the victim and the hardship that they have caused. If the victim cannot return to work immediately, they will lose wages until they recover. If their vehicle is a total loss, they could lose their only method of transportation to and from work. These factors should be presented to the judge through the formal claim as they show the lasting impact of the accident on the victim.

In Idaho, automobile accidents could lead to detrimental injuries that could take a major toll on the victim. These events could also lead to potential fatalities. The victims of these events or their families should file a formal claim against the accountable driver. Victims who are ready to file should contact an accident attorney in Coeur D’Alene, ID or Meet Dusty Deissner today.