Starting a Medical Malpractice Case with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon, CT

In Connecticut, medical malpractice cases are started when a doctor fails to provide a proper duty to their patient. The conditions include but are not limited to failure to diagnose, prescribing the wrong medication, and making surgical errors. A personal injury lawyer in Vernon, CT assists patients who sustained injuries due to these failures.

Securing All Medical Records

Patients who want to start a legal claim against a doctor or medical facility need their medical records. It is advisable for them to secure all the records before starting the claim. The probability of getting potentially negative information is decreased when the hospital isn’t suspicious of the patient’s actions.

Deposing the Medical Staff

All medical staff that provided care for the patient must be interviewed, and the attorney gathers information about the patient. Depositions give the attorney a chance to determine what witnesses support the legal claim and where problem areas exist. The purpose of the claim is to prove the defendant liable for the victim’s injuries.

Meeting with the Hospital Board

Typically, the hospital board schedules mediation whenever possible. The purpose is to get the patient to accept a settlement and keep the claim out of court. However, a strategy they use is to offer an excessively low offer that doesn’t cover the full losses of the patient. Claimants should never speak to the hospital board without their attorney.

Taking the Case to Court

If an offer isn’t accepted, the patient’s case goes to court. In court, a medical witness explains how the patient received their injuries and how the injuries affect their life. The witness must have the same credentials as the defendant. Their skill level enables them to choose a different option that could have prevented the injuries.

In Connecticut, medical malpractice cases help patients acquire compensation for their financial losses, such as medical expenses, the cost of additional or nursing home care, and wage losses. Doctors are punished through punitive damages. Courts calculate the award based on the full losses of the patients. Victims who need to start a medical malpractice case can contact a personal injury lawyer in Vernon, CT through Kahan Kerensky and Capossela, LLP. right now.