A Bondsman in Arlington Knows The Problems People Face Getting Out Of Jail

Any Bondsman in Arlington with experience knows all the obstacles that can prevent a person from being released from jail. A defendant that is officially charged will usually be allowed to post bail that gets them out of jail. There are a few things that might get in the way of a timely release from custody.

Problems With Phone Calls

A defendant might have a hard time reaching anyone by phone to help them post bail. Nowadays, a lot of people usually have numbers programmed into their phones. They might not be able to recall a number since memorizing numbers isn’t necessary. If a defendant isn’t allowed to use their phone, they might not be able to call friends or family for help.

Solving The Phone Call Problem

There are a few ways that a defendant can solve their problem with their phone calls. By asking politely for their cell phone, they might be able to gain access to their contact list. Yelling, screaming, or making demands of the guards won’t work in a person’s favor if they need their phone for contacts. Another option is to try to contact a place like Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds and ask for their help.

Keeping Bail Low

A Bondsman in Arlington will not influence how much bail will be. That’s a job for a lawyer. Anyone worried about getting a high bail should hire a lawyer to be present for their bail hearing. For misdemeanors, a lawyer usually isn’t necessary for a bail hearing. Unless a person has a lengthy record, they will usually get a low bail for non-violent misdemeanors. Defendants with felony cases have the risk of getting high bail. It’s really up to the judge to determine how much the defendant should pay to get out of jail.

Once a person is arrested and charged with a crime, they can find themselves facing several problems. Getting into contact with someone to help them might be their biggest hurdle. Without outside help, they might not be able to pay the bondsman. Some defendants have to work harder than others to get out of police custody.