Starting An Auto Accident Claim With An Accident Attorney In Waukee, IA

In Iowa, auto accidents lead to serious injuries often. The causes of accidents include weather conditions, dangerous road conditions, DUI, and moving violations. The circumstances of the accident define what party caused the accident and is liable for injuries. An accident attorney in Waukee, IA helps victims start a lawsuit after sustaining injuries in an auto accident.

Laws Related to Reporting an Auto Accident

According to current state laws, all parties involved in an accident are required to contact law enforcement if at least $1,500 worth of damage occurred. The laws state that the parties have a 72-hour window to report the accident or they could face a driver’s license suspension.

Is It a No-Fault Accident State?

No, Iowa isn’t a no-fault auto accident state, and victims who don’t receive compensation through an insurance claim have a right to file a lawsuit at any time. The state doesn’t impose limitations, such as the victim must sustain serious injuries to seek damages in a lawsuit. The victim can also seek tort-based awards in their claim.

What Does the Victim Need?

Victims who want to start a lawsuit for an auto accident need their medical records pertaining to the auto accident. Three estimates for automobile repairs are required for the claim. Any additional financial losses incurred by the victim must be included in the claim. If the victim dies, their family could seek damages through a wrongful death lawsuit.

What is a Comparative Fault Ruling?

Comparative fault rulings apply when a victim shared the blame for the accident. If the victim committed a moving violation, the court reduces the victim’s award according to the percentage of blame he or she shared. Any percentage beyond 50% forfeits the victim’s rights to any compensation.

In Iowa, auto accidents produce serious injuries too often, and victims don’t always get compensation through insurance. Many drivers still fail to comply with insurance laws and maintain coverage. When they cause accidents, the victims are faced with their expenses on their own. Victims of auto accidents who need legal help contact an accident attorney in Waukee IA or Visit Business Name for more information right now.