Getting Assistance from an Auto Accidents Lawyer in Greeley, CO

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Lawyers


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Whenever people are in an automobile accident, it may turn into a case of confusion as to who is really at fault, especially if a person is injured. If the person who is injured clearly states that the fault is the other party, there may be some difficulties and a lawyer may need to be hired. An Auto accidents lawyer in Greeley, CO helps clients who have been injured in an accident and wants them to know what they are up against. Here is a look at Colorado’s laws regarding automobile accident injuries.

Understanding Car Accident Laws in Colorado

The first thing an injured client should keep in mind is that Colorado’s statute of limitations allows three years from the date of the accident and injury for the injured party to file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court. If the injured client does not beat the deadline, it is most likely impossible to have the case go to court and be heard. The injured client will also forfeit the opportunity to be awarded damages in the accident. It is critical to keep the deadline in mind.

More about Colorado’s Car Accident Laws

In a personal injury case, there is always the chance that the insurance company of the other party will try to prove that the injured party was partly to blame for the accident. In Colorado, this is known as the modified comparative fault rule and means that any percentage of blame assigned to the injured party will be reduced from any damages awarded. If it is found that the injured party is 50 percent or more at fault, no damages will be awarded in the case.

The Need to Get a Car Accident Lawyer

An injured party will want to do all that is possible to keep the other party from assigning blame, so a good lawyer is desired. Richard Blundell Law Offices is a law firm that comes to the legal aid of clients who are involved in a car accident. If any parties are in need of an auto accidents lawyer Greeley, CO, the law offices are available. Visit the website for more information.

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