The Importance of Medical Care after a Car Accident in Englewood, CO

The sudden impact of a car crash can be a scary experience, especially if you suffer injuries. But what happens if you are unaware of an injury immediately following the accident? Seeking medical care is important even if you want to hire a car accident lawyer in Englewood, CO.

Proper medical treatment is crucial for your health. Treatment is also necessary if you want to pursue a personal injury claim.

How to Know if You Need Medical Care

Because the body may produce morphine-like hormones that mask pain, you may not feel anything right after a car crash. Therefore, you should seek medical care whether or not you feel injured. A doctor can identify the injuries you cannot see or feel.

Also, a proper diagnosis means you can start treatment. This produces medical records that can build a legal case.

Don’t Ignore Minor Symptoms

Minor symptoms such as shoulder pain, neck pain, or headaches may be signs of serious injuries. These include:

• Brain injury

• Concussion

• Spinal injury

Delay Could Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

Waiting too long to be examined after a car crash may give the insurance company a reason to either minimize or deny your claim. They may argue that your injuries were not severe enough to seek immediate care and that your claim does not warrant a significant payment.

Get Legal Help with Your Car Accident Claim

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