Three Invaluable Ways Disability Lawyers In Chicago Help You

Whether you have a physical or mental condition, you may find that working is impossible or highly difficult. In these cases, you may want to consider SSD by applying to the Social Security Administration. If approved, they will pay you money each month so that you can live without fear of paying bills. However, getting through the process and winning your case can be extremely tough without the help of disability lawyers in Chicago.

Timely Processing

Disability lawyers in Chicago have more experience with such matters, which means they can initially tell you if you’ll be eligible for benefits or will qualify. If not, you can still proceed to see for yourself. However, if you qualify, they can streamline all the paperwork and double-check everything to make sure it’s filled out appropriately. Therefore, you may find that you’re approved the first time around instead of denied as up to 40 percent of Americans are.

Cut Wait Times

Hiring an attorney will also cut your wait time to get approved. Once you send in the paperwork, they have a particular amount of time to approve or deny your claim. However, they have ways of dragging their feet and do so frequently. When you have an attorney, they tend to work a little faster so that you get the information sooner.

By Your Side

Most people are just worried about doing it all alone. Family members aren’t likely to have legal experience, but an attorney does. They’re with you for each step and can help explain things so that you understand what’s going on.

Disability lawyers in Chicago can help you get through the process and will stand by you throughout all court proceedings. Visit the Law Office of Rabin, Kodner & Brown  today to learn more.