How Veterans Benefits Attorneys Can Help

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Attorneys


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Studies undertaken by the VA have shown that claimants that use the professional services of a veterans benefits attorney in Texas have a substantial edge in winning on appeal. Veterans that pursued their appeal without legal assistance were denied 36 percent of the time, the denial rate for those with attorneys was less than half that.

Attorneys can be of great assistance in some areas:

Attorneys know the law and regulations:

When reviewing a disability claim, many complex rules, regulations, and laws apply. Error rates approaching 38 percent seems to show that even the VA has difficulty in understanding the rules and laws correctly.

An experienced veterans benefits attorney in Texas knows the laws and rules; they must be accredited by the VA before they can assist veterans. Veterans benefits attorneys must stay up-to-date with any and all revisions by taking continuing education courses as mandated.

Developing a strong case:

Attorneys leave nothing to the imagination; they take full advantage of all the evidence that is available as they build a case. If your claim was initially denied because of lack of supporting evidence, an attorney could help prove your case.

Attorneys are very good at gathering information. Statements from witnesses to the event that lead to your disability are looked upon favorably by the VA, as are doctor’s opinions.

Although no attorney can guarantee a successful appeal, the supporting information that they gather can make it difficult for the VA to dispute your claim.

Reduce delays:

The appeals process takes considerable time; no one can make it go any faster. An experienced veteran’s benefits attorney in Texas is in a position to gather and submit supporting information with no delay; this gets the process started sooner, which will result in a decision being handed down sooner.

A veterans benefits attorney in Texas can help if your claim for benefits was denied. To discuss your situation in detail, contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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