Three Things To Know About A Lawyer In Abu Dhabi

In the UAE, there are an increasing number of expats, or people from another country, that are opening businesses and taking up residence in Abu Dhabi and the other big and smaller cities throughout the Emirates.

This can lead to some issues as the legal system and what is considered a criminal or legal matter in the UAE is very different than what may be seen as a legal issue the United States, the United Kingdom or throughout Europe or other parts of the world.

Foreigners living in Abu Dhabi may find it a challenge if they need legal advice or if they need legal representation. Finding a lawyer is not as simple as it may be in the USA, the UK or throughout Europe, Canada or Australia. This is because of the challenges of the court systems within the UAE.

If you are hiring a lawyer in the UAE, here are three important issues to keep in mind. Take the time to review the attorney and the firm to ensure they are the best representation for your case.


In the UAE, there are four court systems. These include The Supreme Courts, Federal Courts, Local Courts (including Sharia Courts) and Common Law Courts (based on the British legal system).

It is important to know if the lawyer you are considering has the ability to appear in front of the court that will hear your case.

Experience in Dispute Resolution

Many legal issues in the UAE are handled through mediation or arbitration. This can be a time and money-saving option for resolving legal disputes. Verify the attorney you are selecting has successful experience in representing clients in these forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Range of Legal Services

In any legal case, having a lawyer you trust and who has proven experience in providing specialized legal representation for a specific practice area is essential.

Larger law firms that offer a range of legal services are often the best option as they have the experience, expertise and the capacity to take on small or large cases and provide the level of service and representation needed. Contact STA Law Firm for more information.