Why Working with a Personal Injury Attorney in Wetumpka, AL Almost Always Makes Sense

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Lawyers


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A person’s entire life can change in an instant, and often not for the better. While certain of life’s surprises might be pleasant enough to confront, others can leave formerly healthy, vigorous individuals facing far different prognoses.

When the negligence of another person or business leads to an injury, it will almost always be wise to seek out assistance for obtaining compensation. A Personal Injury Attorney in Wetumpka AL like one of those who works at Courtney & Mann LLP will inevitably have a lot to offer.

Most Personal Injury Issues Are Settled Through Negotiations

Some people who end up becoming injured assume that attorneys will only be of assistance if a court case becomes necessary. In practice, this almost never ends up being the case.

Most personal injury matters are resolved through the acceptance of a settlement offered on behalf of the responsible party. While individuals sometimes represent themselves capably in the negotiations that lead to such results, that is the not the norm.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Wetumpka AL will always be better positioned than a client to handle negotiations and ensure the best possible result. Compared to an injured person who would otherwise be forced to face down experienced, knowledgeable representatives summoned by insurers or the like, an attorney will always have the upper hand.

Being Ready and Able to Sue Can Be a Powerful Tool

Another way the introduction of an attorney into the equation can help is by making the threat of a lawsuit much more plausible and concrete. A person who attempts to negotiate a settlement on their own will always be at a disadvantage, as an insurer or business will be happy to continue with this inexpensive means of proceeding to keep the value of any ultimate settlement down.

An attorney who negotiates on behalf of a client will have far more leverage to bring to bear on the goal of producing a suitably generous settlement offer. As a result, injury victims who make an effort to obtain legal representation tend to make out far better than others even when they never have to step foot in court.

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