Types of Personal Injury Compensation You Can Get by Hiring an Accident Lawyer in Harrisonburg

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Lawyer


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When people are in accidents, they are often confused about many things. The whole ordeal becomes a nightmare for many. Victims suffer from psychiatric damage and personal injuries, and the tall medical bill doesn’t help. In most cases, the aggrieved party does not have the means to pay off the large medical debt. Many people may not know their rights, but an accident lawyer in Harrisonburg can give you great options to claim your personal injuries.

Compensatory Claims

Compensatory damage is paid by the offender to compensate for the damage they have caused. There are two types of damage you can be compensated for.

Special Damages

Special damages are aimed at giving the victim monetary compensation for special circumstances. Medical expenses are one special situation where the victim becomes physically injured and has a bill to settle. The offender will be required to reimburse the victim, and an accident lawyer in Harrisonburg can help you with the nitty-gritty. You are also entitled to recover any lost income as a result of the accident. For example, if you missed work for a month and didn’t get paid, you can claim compensation from the offender to pay for the missed wages.

General Damages

General damages are for claims unrelated to financial loss. They are hard to prove, but they are still claimable.


If a victim suffers from emotional stress or physical pain, these damages are claimable against the offender. Law firms like Cravens & Noll PC are a reliable firm to hire if you need an accident lawyer. However, it is best to remember that such claims are hard to win, as juries, judges, and insurance companies rely on many variables when placing value on these types of pain.


If you are met with an accident, it is your right to know your options. Do not be afraid to seek legal help, and remember to claim any medical expense that will arise as a result.

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