Why a Lemon Law Lawyer from California Is Exactly Who You Need on Your Side

If you have found yourself in the position of having purchased a clunker of a car, you should not fret. There is actually a strong used vehicle lemon law in California that will help you recover your money. The only thing you will want to do is hire a great lemon law attorney to help navigate the legal landscape.

Free For You

You read that right. When a lemon law attorney takes on your case, you will not be on the hook to pay them. They get paid by the manufacturer since they are the ones in the wrong. Instead of being deterred by a potentially expensive lawsuit, you can concentrate on fighting for your rights as a consumer.

Don’t Get Taken Advantage Of

Even after losing a lawsuit, it is possible that the manufacturer will try to get one over on you. Such things as lowball offers or numerous deductions subtracted from a buyback offer are all designed to give you less than what you deserve. You can certainly try and haggle with the manufacturer on your own, but you will almost leave money on the table by doing so.

Never Even Have to Go to Court

One great thing is that with a lawyer on your side, you’ll probably never even have to go to court. The manufacturer is far more likely to respect the used vehicle lemon law in California and pay you a fair amount for your lemon auto and your wasted time.

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