Using an Attorney in Rockwall, TX After Obtaining a DUI Charge

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Lawyers


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When someone leaves a tavern and gets pulled over, it is likely the police officer will conduct several tests to see if their blood alcohol content surpassed the state’s legal limit. If an arrest is made, fighting a DUI charge will be necessary. Here are some steps to consider taking to try to minimize or eliminate a DUI charge.

Retain an Attorney for Court Representation

It is very important to hire an attorney in Rockwall, TX to represent the person in a court of law. An attorney will be able to research prior cases to see if there are any that had a similar time line in events leading up to the arrest. Since an attorney is seasoned in dealing with DUI cases, they will have the experience in knowing what will work in a courtroom to reduce charges if possible.

Maintain the Proper Demeanor Until Court

The person who was charged should do their best to stay out of any type of trouble while awaiting their court date. They should stay away from any place that serves alcohol during this time. If possible, they should do a community service project to prove they are doing their part to help their neighborhood. This will aid in showing jurors the person is trying their best to do positive actions in the future.

Remain Calm and Answer Questions Truthfully

At the time of the court date, the person who was charged should listen to each question asked of them during the court session. They should refrain from loud outbursts, even if the information provided is not true. They can give their own testimony at the time they have the stand. This will show the judge and jury they are respectful, helping to make a favorable impression as a result.

Question the Equipment and Processes Used

In many instances, someone with a DUI charge will get a reduced fine or sentence if the machinery used during the arrest was faulty. The attorney hired will ask that any equipment used is checked to ensure it was calibrated properly. The arrest itself will also be questioned. If the police officer failed to read the person their rights, the charge might be reduced.

When there is a need to fight a DUI charge, finding the right Attorney in Rockwall TX for representation is necessary. Browse the website of the Law Office of Tim Hartley to find out more today.

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