5 Steps to Take After Metro Accidents in Bowie

Metro Accidents in Bowie are usually worse than the average fender-bender. Trains and buses have higher capacities, and they’re larger than passenger vehicles, which means they’re more likely to cause serious injury. Despite the severity of these accidents, many victims don’t know how to handle the aftermath. Below is a list of things to do after a Metro accident.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

As soon as it’s safe to do so, victims should leave the area in an orderly fashion. Metro cars and buses can catch fire and result in onlooker delays, and the sooner victims can get to safety, the better. If a person’s injuries are serious enough, they may be transported to the nearest hospital.

Report the Incident and Speak to Witnesses

When a victim doesn’t need emergency care, they should take a time to file a police report. While the operator will likely report the incident to their supervisors and the authorities, it shouldn’t be assumed that they will. If possible, call the police and find other witnesses to the accident.

Gather Evidence

If it’s safe and practical to do so, victims should take photos of the accident scene, as they can be used in court. Try to capture as much of the accident scene as possible, including traffic signs and other helpful evidence. Interviewing witnesses and documenting injuries can help a lawyer get enough evidence to use in court or during settlement negotiations.

Record All Injuries and Damages

Victims should collect all bills, receipts and other records that document the personal injuries and property damage related to the accident. This can include doctor visits, therapy sessions, fuel costs for hospital trips, vehicle repairs and other expenses. For more details, visit here.

Call an Accident Lawyer

Even if the case seems to be simple, a victim will face opposition from the other party’s insurance company after a Metro accident. More than one party may be liable, and an attorney can help a victim identify all potentially responsible parties. When victims hire a lawyer who focuses on Metro Accidents in Bowie, they’re more likely to get the maximum available financial recovery. For more information, call the Jaklitsch Law Group or visit their website.