Victims and Defendants Can Benefit from the Help of a Children Injury Lawyer in Westbury, NY

State law assumes that children lack the judgment of adults, and it makes special rules for liability and compensation in injury cases involving children. In this guide, readers can get some valuable tips on injury claims for and accidents caused by minors.

Children’s Injuries

Although the methods vary, generally, children have the right to compensation for pain, suffering, disability, and permanent injury. Furthermore, parents have the right to compensation for medical bills paid on the child’s behalf. In some areas, parents must get a judge’s approval before settling a claim, and it’s in an insurer’s best interest to make sure that the settlement is approved so a children injury lawyer in Westbury, NY can’t come back later and ask for more money.

Accidents Caused by Minors

Legal liability for an accident caused by a child is based on the same ideas of care and carelessness as those caused by an adult. However, a child can’t be held to the same standard of care as someone over the age of 18. State law applies standards by age group when determining a minor’s liability for another person’s injuries. Even in cases involving very young children, the child’s parents or legal guardians can be held liable for their failure to exercise care and control.

While children normally don’t have much of their own money, if they’re held legally responsible for an accident, the victim can gain compensation in several ways. Minors’ actions are often covered by insurance, but if the child has no coverage, it may make sense to pursue litigation against them. The process of suing a minor can be cumbersome, and it typically requires the help of a children injury lawyer in Westbury, NY.

Parental Liability for a Child’s Auto Accident

A teenager on a motorcycle or driving a car is typically covered by a parent’s or their own insurance policy. If the vehicle is owned by a parent, that person is liable, which means a victim can collect from the parent’s insurer. If the child is the vehicle’s registered owner but lacks insurance, the state makes the parent liable for damages up to a certain limit.

Legal Help and Information

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