Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer in Manchester CT Could Help an Accident Victim

An accidental injury can take a serious toll on a family – especially when the primary wage earner is the one who was injured. Losing their main source of income due to no fault of their own can put a family in a state of shock. Without a substantial savings to get them through, they may not know how they are going to pay their monthly bills. This is where an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Manchester CT could help.

Individuals typically have a hard time getting the settlement they deserve from insurance companies. Because they may not know exactly how much they should be paid and they need money immediately, way too, many people accept a low offer just to get the funds they need to survive. This is usually a mistake. By consulting with an attorney, an accident victim can learn their rights and know what to expect in the settlement process.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Manchester CT could advocate on behalf of their client to ensure they get the money they deserve. This isn’t about punishing the negligent party but helping the victim regain their independence. When a person can’t work due to a non-work-related accident, they typically don’t get paid unless they have some vacation time or a short-term disability policy. Even so, this might not cover the ongoing expenses related to the accident.

Whether the injuries were the result of a car crash, a slip and fall at a business or an animal bite, an experienced attorney may be able to get a client the money they need to pay for their medical treatment and compensate them for their lost income. In some cases, an accident victim may be eligible for compensation for other costs they incur as a result of the accident. Transportation, child care and other expenses they would not have had if they weren’t in the accident may be paid by the insurance company as well.

By working with an experienced attorney from a firm like Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP, a person who was a victim in an accident can focus on their own recovery and let their lawyer deal with the financial aspects of their case.