What to Do if Trapped Inside a Car After an Accident and When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Being involved in a car accident can be quite a scary situation, even if it is a minor accident. However, there are some circumstances that can make accidents downright terrifying. One of the most serious issues resulting from a crash is if a person is trapped in their vehicle.

In some cases, especially rollover crashes, victims find they have become trapped in their vehicle. Even if they have only experienced minor injuries, otherwise, and are able to move their body safely, the damage to the vehicle can prevent their escape. This is when many crash victims start to panic.

Rather than panicking, a crash victim can begin taking action, even if they are trapped. Not only can this help them get through the situation, it may also help their Personal Injury Lawyer when they need details about the crash.

Search for Witnesses Nearby

Try to locate any witnesses who may have stopped to help. Wave an arm or hand if possible, or yell for help. Request that someone call 911. If the individual is unable to see anyone nearby, they should try to get to their cell phone, or utilize the vehicle’s on-board emergency contact system.

Remove the Seat Belt

If the vehicle is upside down, the person needs to remove the seatbelt so they can feel more comfortable until help arrives. Prior to doing this; however, they need to brace themselves for the fall that follows after unbuckling. To do this place the elbow or arm on the ceiling of the car so that the head doesn’t take the full impact of a fall.

Handling Water

If the vehicle falls into water, it is best to roll up all the windows prior to the vehicle’s electricity going out completely. While this may seem scary, it is the best course of action for this situation.

While some of these tips may seem a bit obvious, when a person is involved in a car accident and they become trapped, it is often difficult to think clearly. With this information, they can stay calm and feel like they have a small amount of control. Once the rescue is complete, it is best to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer for help and advice. More information about this can be found at the chrisrichardattorney.com website or the firm’s Google+ page.