Why You Need a Child Pornography Attorney in Cleveland, TN

Children are to be protected at all times. However, certain individuals prey on their vulnerability and use children for their benefit. Child pornography is a good example of this. Any person who is charged with possession of child pornography, distribution or creation of the materials or engaging with child pornography will face a felony charge. It’s imperative to hire a child pornography attorney in Cleveland, TN right away to mount a defense and protect your rights.

The Creation or Financing of Child Pornography

Any person who makes, prepares or attempts to make pornography of this type is committing a felony. This may be purchasing camera equipment for someone who wishes to benefit from filming children, to snapping a picture of a child in a public dressing room. The charges may be filed even if no images are captured or no film is produced.

Soliciting a Minor

Requesting or suggesting a child engage in pornography is enough to have a person charged with the crime. The victim doesn’t have to agree for this charge to stick and no pornography needs to be created. The individual has committed a crime simply by asking or making this suggestion.

Possessing Child Pornography

People are often confused as to what is considered possession of child pornography under the law. In basic terms, having any access to this type of pornography is illegal, even if it is nothing more than visiting a website that offers these types of images. Deleting the site or images from the computer’s history isn’t enough to erase evidence of the crime either.

The penalties for child pornography vary greatly, based on the age of the child or children involved, the crime that was committed, and more. For this reason, every person charged with a crime of this type should speak to a child pornography attorney in Cleveland, TN right away. Visit the website of Chancey-Kanavos today to learn more about these charges, the penalties imposed, and more. Be sure your rights are protected if you are charged with this crime, just as the rights of the children are protected.