Work With a DUI Attorney in Mt. Vernon, IL to Minimize the Penalties

Someone who is arrested and charged with a DUI will want to make sure they have help fighting the charges. A DUI Attorney in Mt. Vernon, IL will work hard to have the charges dismissed or, if that’s not possible, help their client minimize the penalties they’re facing. The three types of penalties the accused will face include criminal, administrative, and personal.

Criminal Penalties

Even if it’s the first conviction, the accused faces up to 364 days in jail, fines of up to $2,500, and a requirement to complete community service. They may also have a mandatory license suspension, be required to have an IID (ignition interlock device) when they can drive again, and be required to complete an alcohol or drug evaluation and treatment program. If they have a previous DUI on their record, the penalties can be higher.

Administrative Penalties

Even if the accused is not convicted, they could have their driver’s license suspended. It is possible for them to obtain a monitoring device driving permit so they can drive during the suspension, but they will need to have an IID installed in the vehicle. If the accused refused the chemical testing after their arrest, however, they will not be allowed to drive while the license is suspended.

Personal Penalties

Just being arrested can have personal penalties, like the loss of their job because they miss too much work while they’re in jail. They might also face other personal penalties, like the loss of business licenses or an inability to get a job in their field if they have a conviction on their record. Even though the first DUI conviction is a misdemeanor, it can impact the accused’s life.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, take the time now to speak with a DUI attorney in Mt. Vernon, IL so you can start getting help for your case. While no outcome can be guaranteed, the attorney will work hard to help you minimize the criminal, administrative, and personal penalties you are facing. Visit the website now to learn more about the help available for you or to schedule a time to speak with a lawyer about your case.