Starting A Case With A Defective Product Lawyer In Pittsburgh, PA

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Lawyers


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In Pennsylvania, product liabilities occur when manufacturers release dangerous products to consumers. Consumer-related injuries present serious liabilities for manufacturers. Legal claims are filed when victims sustain serious injuries and don’t receive compensation through an insurance claim. A defective product lawyer in Pittsburgh PA helps victims of product liabilities.

Reporting the Dangerous Product

The consumer has the right to report the product to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The federal agency has the authority to investigate any product they believe to be dangerous to consumers. After the investigation, the agency determines if it is necessary to issue a product recall.

Forensic Assessments for the Product

Forensic assessments determine if the claimant’s allegations are plausible. The findings show if the consumer used the product according to the instructions. Any deviations could discredit the victim’s claim and prevent them from collecting through the civil court. However, if the allegations are proven, any consumer who sustained similar injuries has a viable claim.

Establishing a Liability

Knowledge of the flaw proves further liabilities for the manufacturer. Federal laws require manufacturers to test the products for any potential risks to consumers. Inspections are required to determine if any flaws exist after production. Any risks that occur under specific conditions only require warning labels on the product packaging. If the manufacturer doesn’t comply with federal laws, the manufacturer is liable for any injuries sustained by consumers.

Expectations for the Legal Claim

If several consumers are injured, a class-action lawsuit is filed against the manufacturer. Claimants with the most severe injuries appear in court first. Any claimant that wins their lawsuit receives compensation according to the severity of their injuries and financial losses. Attorneys explain other expectations and outcomes for the cases.

In Pennsylvania, consumers have the legal right to expect safe products from all manufacturers. When manufacturers fail to comply with federal laws, they place consumers at risk of serious injuries. The results of injuries caused by a product liability. Manufacturers must follow laws related to consumer safety and warning labels, too. Victims who want to learn more about the claims contact a defective product lawyer in Pittsburgh PA or visit us right now.

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