Workplace Incidents: When It Makes Sense to Call Harassment Lawyers in Beaver Dam, WI

While many people work side by side with people they are not crazy about, harassment in the workplace is not acceptable. Depending on what is going on, employees may find it necessary to seek advice from Harassment Lawyers in Beaver Dam WI. Here are some of the reasons why they would choose to take this step and, possibly, take legal steps to stop the harassing behavior.

The Individual Won’t Cease and Desist

The individual at the bottom of the harassment has been confronted and asked to stop. In spite of the request, the problem continues, There is even a chance the harassment is worse now than ever. Rather than making a second attempt, it’s time to go a different route. That new approach could be a consultation with a Harassment Lawyers in Beaver Dam WI.

Managers Do Nothing

Managers are aware of the harassment but have not done anything to correct the situation. Instead, they are ignoring the problem and urging the victim to have some patience. Since it’s obvious nothing is being done, the individual will need to seek help from another source. That source could be a lawyer who understands the ramifications of this type of unacceptable behavior.

Human Resources is Useless

A plea to the HR department produces nothing other than the acceptance of a written complaint, a promise to look into the matter, and a toll-free number the harassed employee can call. Other than that, it seems to be business as usual. Choosing to hire a lawyer who can have a word with the HR department and the company owner, if necessary, may be what it takes for some action to finally be taken. Even if the employer still does nothing, the lawyer will now be in a position to take legal action against the perpetrator and those who are enabling the unacceptable behavior.

There is no reason to put up with harassment on the job. When attempts to go through the proper channels produce no results other than making things worse, it’s time to contact QBS Law S.C. Beaver Dam WI and arrange a consultation. Bring along any documentation and other evidence that helps to substantiate the harassment. Once the matter is in the hands of a lawyer, things may begin to change at a faster pace.

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