3 Reasons to Call a DWI Lawyer in San Antonio Right Away Today

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Attorneys


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Anyone who has found themselves in legal trouble knows the importance of hiring an experienced attorney. However, many people don’t think it’s necessary to hire a DWI Lawyer in San Antonio. Hiring an attorney to represent one in a DWI case is essential, and here’s why.

Preserve One’s Driving Privileges

Hiring an attorney doesn’t automatically prevent the court from suspending driving privileges, but it’s one of the best ways to fight for one’s right to drive. Being able to get to one’s job and other appointments and obligations without relying on others is important. Attorneys know how to argue cases to give their clients the best shot at keeping their driving privileges.

Protect One’s Freedom

A person who’s been arrested for driving under the influence has more at stake than paying fines and losing their driver’s license. Depending on the severity of the charges, one might be looking at jail or prison time if convicted. Hiring legal representation gives one the best chance for mounting a plausible defense that preserves their freedom.

Save Money

No matter the severity of the charges, there’s always a financial penalty if one is convicted of driving under the influence. Hiring a lawyer protects the defendant’s financial interests. Although an attorney costs money, they have the legal prowess and knowledge to help their clients negotiate lower fees or fines, if convicted, that saves more money in the long run.

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