The Three Guarantees of Workers’ Comp Law As Explored by a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Midlothian, TX

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Lawyers


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There is a lot of talk over what workers’ compensation can cover and who should be paying for it. Yet, these details fall under a larger umbrella. According to the United States Department of Labor and a workers’ compensation lawyer in Midlothian, TX, there are three things that workers’ compensation must do, without exception, to legally protect people. These things are obligated to employees injured at their place of work, and any exploitation of these matters is grounds for a lawsuit.

Wage Replacement Benefits

Has the worker lost wages due to an injury that happened at work? How many hours, days or weeks did they lose? This has to be accounted for according to federal law, and there is no way to get around it for companies. Despite this, companies may try to take advantage of the system. Thankfully, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Midlothian, TX can guarantee that this does not happen.

Medical Treatment

Is there any medical treatment and costs associated with the injury? In the workers’ compensation system, these things have to be paid for by the insurance coverage. No person injured on the job should be paying out of pocket for these expenses. It simply isn’t right. Fortunately, the Department of Labor affirms that medical treatment coverage is standard.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Is there any treatment needed after the injury and medical care? Injured people are encouraged to seek vocational rehabilitation in the event they can’t readily return to their previous job. This is an area that can have costs for life. Not getting proper after-injury treatment could also have lasting ramifications. The rehab is not limited by time and should be pursued until the treatment is complete and a doctor signs off on the condition of the injured.

Visit the website of Mallios & Associates PC for information about applying the details of workers’ compensation law. People who feel taken advantage of by an employer or are possibly being manipulated into not taking action should contact a lawyer. The lawyer can really look at the situation to see if there is something going on that is forcing a client to not enjoy their rights as an injured employee under the federal law.

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