5 Things an Attorney Can Do During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Fairfield, OH

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Lawyers


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If a person is contemplating filing bankruptcy, they face several tough decisions. However, hiring an attorney is an easy choice. While it is possible to handle bankruptcy alone, doing so may leave the filer in a difficult position. Below are five things bankruptcy lawyers can do that clients cannot accomplish.

They Know When to File and When to Wait

Sometimes, the most effective bankruptcies are those not filed. Many clients dive right in without knowing which debts are dischargeable or without learning about alternatives that can accomplish similar goals without lasting consequences. A bankruptcy lawyer can examine the case’s details and help the client explore their options.

They can Recommend the Right Type of Bankruptcy

Choosing between Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Fairfield OH and Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be very difficult, and the right choice depends on the debts to be discharged, the client’s goals, and a variety of other factors. A local bankruptcy attorney can help clients find the type that suits their needs.

Handling All the Paperwork

A successful bankruptcy requires a mountain of legal papers, forms, exhibits, and petitions. All of these must be filled out completely and accurately, and they must be handed in on time. A bankruptcy attorney can help clients gather the right information and get paperwork done on time to prevent mistakes.

Keeping Clients Out of Trouble

Telling lies during bankruptcy case can have severe legal consequences. If a client attempts to conceal assets during the case, they are at risk for fraud charges, and they will worsen their financial situation. An attorney can find legal ways to help a client without the need for omissions or falsehoods.

Providing Courtroom Representation

Bankruptcy attorneys provide courtroom representation, and they negotiate with creditors, but the help does not stop there. Attorneys can help clients after a bankruptcy case concludes by helping them comply with terms or by protecting them from creditors trying to collect on discharged debts.

Making mistakes during Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Fairfield OH can cause serious problems at a time when clients cannot afford them. When they contact us to consult a bankruptcy lawyer, a client can ensure that everything goes as planned.

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