Topics To Discuss With A Divorce Attorney In Walker, MN

In Minnesota, divorce cases require each party to follow all applicable laws. All prerequisites for the cases must be met according to local laws. The prerequisites may apply to residency, the duration of the separation, or special circumstances that apply to military personnel. A divorce attorney in Walker MN offers clarity for all circumstances about divorce cases.

How Does a No-Fault System Work?

Petitioners who are filing for divorce cannot use any fault-based divorce grounds. A no-fault state limits the divorce grounds to irreconcilable differences or irretrievable breakdown. Under the laws, neither party must present evidence of why the marriage broke down or is no longer viable. The laws could lessen the potential for disputes and reduce the time needed to settle the case.

Are There Residency Requirements?

Yes, any petitioner who wants to file for a divorce in the state must live in Minnesota for at least six months. An exception applies to military personnel that maintained their residency in the state even if they aren’t residing in the state when they file.

When is a Parenting Time Expeditor Used?

The parents are required by the court order to follow all requirements related to parenting time. If any disputes arise, the court retains the right to appoint an expeditor who mitigates risks associated with parenting time and child custody. The individual doesn’t take legal action, but they can report any failures to provide visitation with the child or serious risks that could emerge.

Dividing Marital Property

The state doesn’t require an equitable division of the marital assets. If the court is involved in the division, the judge determines what is fair and reasonable. For example, it is less likely that a spouse will receive assets they didn’t pay for or make any contribution to the acquisition of the asset.

In Minnesota, divorce cases proceed according to the ability of the parties to reach an agreement. Common issues that emerge in a divorce case relate to asset division, child custody, spousal support, and debts. An attorney provides assistance during the proceedings and also help when disputes are filed. Petitioners who need help from a Divorce Attorney in Walker MN can contact us right now.