Details About Bail Bonds In Shelton, CT

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Bail Bonds


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In Connecticut, bail bondsmen assist criminal defendants who cannot pay their full bail value. The bail bonds are secured by paying the fees related to utilizing a bonding agent’s services and a percentage of the bail value. A local bondsman can explain the details about bail bonds in Shelton CT to criminal defendants.

Protection Against Excessive Bond Prices

According to federal laws, a bail bondsman cannot require an excessive price for a bail bond. For this reason, each jurisdiction outlines terms of the bail bonds. In most jurisdictions, the bail bondsman cannot charge any value that exceeds fourteen percent of the total bail value assigned by the court.

What Value is Required for Collateral?

The collateral provided to secure the bail bond must have an appraised value that is equal to the total bail value. The requirement is imposed to prevent the bail bondsman from losing money if the criminal defendant doesn’t appear in court. A failure to appear requires the bail bondsman to provide the full bail value to the court. For this reason, the collateral is seized and sold to collect the full value.

Can a Bail Bondsman Help Defendants Beyond Providing a Bond?

Yes, the bail bondsman can make arrangements to get the court to release the defendant into their custody. The strategy is used for some defendants who don’t have a previous criminal history, but their charge could lower their chances of receiving bail. Bail bondsmen can also assist criminal defendants by taking the defendant to their scheduled court date.

Can the Defendant’s Representative Suffer Financial Losses?

Yes, if the criminal defendant fails to appear after their representative paid for the bail bond, she or he won’t receive any type of refund. If the representative provides collateral, they could lose the asset due to the failure to appear.

In Connecticut, bail bondsmen offer bail bonds at a fair and reasonable rate. The bail bonds are provided after a percentage of the bail value is paid, or collateral is provided. The bonding agent could provide some additional services that are beneficial for the accused. Criminal defendants who need to purchase Bail Bonds in Shelton CT are encouraged to schedule an appointment today.

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