What Advice Will a Divorce Attorney in Thiensville, WI Offer a Client?

The decision to seek a divorce is something most people only consider when there is no way to salvage the marriage. Choosing to seek counsel from a Divorce attorney Thiensville WI is the best way to proceed and start planning a new life. During the process, the attorney is likely to provide sound advice that the client would do well to heed. Here are some examples.

Full Disclosure to the Attorney

The divorce attorney in Thiensville WI places a great deal of emphasis on protecting the interests of the client. In order to accomplish that goal, the client must be willing to open up and hold back nothing from the attorney. Even if there are some aspects of the marriage that are a little embarrassing, remember the attorney will hold that information in the strictest of confidence. It will only be used in the course of the divorce proceedings if necessary. Choosing to tell all to the attorney makes it much easier to prepare for whatever information the other spouse will reveal to the opposing legal counsel and have a plan for defusing what could be awkward data.

Saying Very Little

Family and other loved ones will likely have quite a few questions once the word gets out about the impending divorce. The urge may be to discuss the situation at length with certain people. Typically, the attorney will advise the client to say very little while the divorce is in progress, even to loved ones. There is no way to know what sort of comments will get back to the other party and how those remarks could complicate the divorce proceedings. By doing nothing more than acknowledging that the divorce is in progress and asking for privacy during this difficult time, it’s easier to avoid saying something that could be fodder for the other side. Click here for more details about the divorce attorney in Thiensville, WI.

Remember that the attorney has the best interests of the client at heart. Contact the Fraker Law Firm S.C. S.C. today and arrange to meet with an attorney who can help with structuring the petition and ensure the proper papers are filed. Once the process is underway, pay close attention to what the attorney has to say and follow the advice. Doing so will minimize the potential for issues to arise while the divorce is pending.