Getting a Lawyer to Help Get SSI Disability Benefits in Hemet, CA

People who have been hurt and are no longer able to do viable work will testify to how difficult it can be to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Those who can’t qualify for the regular Social Security Disability benefits may apply for supplemental security income (SSI), but this can also be difficult to qualify for. An attorney who helps clients qualify for SSI Disability benefits in Hemet, CA wants them to understand what they need to do to avoid being denied. Here is a look at what things must be in place to be approved for SSI or Social Security Disability.

Being Approved for SSI or Social Security Disability

The first thing claimants need to understand is that they must be out of work 12 consecutive months for the illness or injury that keeps them from working. They must also be unable to perform any kind of work for which they can qualify, otherwise, they will be denied. The paperwork that is required for SSI can be difficult to complete to the satisfaction of the Social Security Administration. It may require the expertise of an attorney to ensure the paperwork is filled out correctly.

More About SSI

SSI is usually opted for when the claimant cannot qualify for the Social Security Disability benefits for some reason and it is a needs-based benefit. Even if a claimant is not deemed disabled by the SSA, qualifying for SSI is still an option, as long as all the criteria are met. Sixty percent of those who file for SSI are denied; therefore, it is important for the claimant to have every advantage possible. This is why a Social Security Disability lawyer will come in handy.

An Attorney Who Helps with SSI in California

A person can find many attorneys and law firms throughout California who will take on Social Security Disability cases and SSI cases. Eric R. Hunt Attorney is an attorney in the Hemet, California area who represents those clients with SSI or Social Security Disability issues. If a claimant is looking for an attorney to help with SSI Disability benefits in Hemet, CA, this lawyer is available and can be reached at the website. You can connect us at Linkedin.