Getting Help from an Auto Accident Attorney in Norfolk, VA

Car accidents are common just about everywhere a person can go. When accidents happen, someone usually gets hurt and a personal injury lawsuit typically follows. In such cases, the injured party should consult with an attorney to find out what needs to be done, including any laws that must be taken into consideration. There is an auto accident attorney in Norfolk, VA who gives advice to clients involved in auto accidents.

What the Laws Are Regarding Car Accidents in Virginia

The primary thing to keep in mind when wanting to pursue a lawsuit for a car accident in Virginia is the statute of limitations. The time limit is two years to file the lawsuit in a civil court, otherwise the opportunity to be heard and collect damages will be gone. For property-related damages, the time limit is five years, but the party involved should not delay the filing of the lawsuit.

Other Laws to Consider

One of the harshest laws injured parties in an accident should be aware of is the contributory negligence rule. This strict rule dictates that if the other party can prove that the injured party is any part at fault for the accident (even one percent), they cannot collect any damages from the accident. This means that no matter how many medical bills that may be incurred because of the accident, the injured party is doomed.

Virginia’s Stance on Car Insurance

All drivers in Virginia are required to carry a minimum of liability insurance. In an accident, the injured party has the right to file an insurance claim against the other driver, file against their own insurance company or go to court. In any case, getting an attorney who can help the injured party decide is the smart thing to do.

Getting an Attorney to Help with Auto Accident Case

Price Perkins Larkin has been providing legal solutions for clients in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area for many years. Clients who have been involved in auto accidents can consult with them for advice. If there are any potential clients looking for an auto accident attorney in Norfolk, VA, they can visit the attorneys’ website.