What Do You Need to Know About Paying Bail in Norman, OK?

After an arrest, the person is typically provided a bail amount that can be used to secure their release. Bail in Norman OK must be paid in full for the person to be released from jail until their hearings are completed. Below are a few frequently asked questions about bail and how to handle it.

How Much Will Bail Cost?

The cost of bail depends on the crime the person is accused of committing. Less serious misdemeanor charges tend to have low bail requirements while more serious felonies will require a much higher bail amount. It’s not uncommon for bail to be tens of thousands of dollars or more for some felonies. The bail amount is generally set high to encourage the person to attend all of their hearings.

What if They Can’t Pay Bail?

It’s quite possible the bail amount is too high for the person to afford. When this happens, obtaining a bail bond is an option to consider. A family member or friend can work with a bondsman to secure the bond with a minimal down payment. The bondsman then pays the full bail amount to the jail, securing the person’s release and enabling them to get out of jail until their hearings are completed.

How Long Does Release Take?

Once the full bail amount is paid, the arrested person can be released from jail. However, this does take some time and depends on several factors. If the bondsman pays the bail immediately and the jail is not busy at the time, the person can typically be released in an hour or two. If the jail is busy, it could be a few hours before the person is released. The time can also be longer if the bail bondsman only pays bail for their clients once a day, so choosing the right bail bondsman is important.

If you have a loved one who has been arrested and you aren’t sure you can afford the Bail in Norman OK for them, take the time to speak with a bail bondsman today to get help. Visit us online to learn more about the help that’s available and to find out how you can get a bail bond to help your loved one get out of jail quickly.