What You Need to Know about a Bail Bond in Douglasville, GA

It never fails that the worst things can happen at the most inopportune times. Such is the case when a loved one gets arrested and needs to post bail to get out of jail. A lot of times, people do not have the financial resources to post such an amount. This is where the services of a bail bondsman would be of help. The bail bondsman offers to put up the bail for the accused in exchange for the Indemnitor guaranteeing the bail company that he or she will be responsible for the accused showing up for court.

A company that will put up a Bail Bond in Douglasville GA understands how frightening a time such an ordeal can be and offers information that may help ease the fears of those who have to go through the process. Bail bonds can vary in price according to the state one is located in. In Georgia, the fee for a bail bond is 15 percent. When a defendant is arrested, the first thing that will be required is that he or she is able to post bail before being released from jail. It is usually the bonding company that does this for the defendant for a fee, a co-signer, and collateral.

After the defendant’s bail gets picked up, he or she will be released. The time for that actually release to take place could be anywhere from a half hour to eight hours. It is really left to the discretion and procedures of each jail. The collateral that is put up for the defendant can be anything of financial value as long as it will cover the value of the bond. The collateral will be returned once the defendant’s case has been settled.

Free at Last Bail Bonds understands the complications and uncertainties that come with trying to help the loved one get out of jail. The company also understands the financial strain it may put on a lot of families. The company offers payment plans to help those who have problems paying the fee in full. If you want to know more about a Bail Bond in Douglasville GA, visit the company’s website at http://www.freeatlastbb.com/. You can also Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds at one of the eight locations throughout the Atlanta area.