Reviewing Proceedings With A Divorce Lawyer In Angola, Indiana

In Indiana, divorce cases require petitioners to make decisions about their children and their property. The petitioner must provide information about their spouse and their marital assets. A divorce agreement defines how the marital estate is divided. A Divorce Lawyer Angola Indiana assists the petitioners and shows them how to file for a divorce.

What are the Divorce Grounds?

Irretrievable breakdown is the no-fault divorce ground. The fault-based grounds include a felony conviction, impotency, and incurable insanity. The petitioner needs to provide evidence to support any fault-based claims.

Review Property Division

The marital estate must be divided equally and provide each party with an equal share. The properties and assets are appraised to present the exact value. Select properties or assets are awarded directly to the spouse. Other assets are sold, and the proceeds are split equally to give each party an equal share. In some cases, temporary alimony is provided to a spouse to balance out the value.

Child Custody Arrangements

The parents choose a child custody arrangement that provides adequate time with their child. Joint custody offers each parent with the right to make decisions about the child. The parents split weeks in which they have access to the child or alternate weekends. The assignments require a noncustodial parent to provide child support payments each month. The payments are based on the total number of children produced from the marriage.

Alternative to a Divorce

Couples that aren’t sure if they want to file for a divorce fit for a legal separation. The separation requires the couple to make choices about that are similar to a divorce. Couples may also choose to use the separation agreement in the divorce case. The process is simplified if the couple already agrees to the terms of the agreement.

In Indiana, divorce cases require the petitioners to complete a variety of steps to finalize their divorce. The steps include choosing a custodial parent for their child and determining if their spouse will receive alimony payments. Property division agreements must provide each party with an equal share of the estate. Petitioners who need more assistance contact a Divorce Lawyer Angola Indiana through Yoder & Kraus right now. Like us on Facebook.