The Importance of Bail Bondsmen for Huntsville AL Defendants Who Are Innocent

Sometimes circumstances truly are beyond a person’s control. When an innocent man or woman is arrested and charged with a serious criminal offense, life becomes tumultuous and frightening. A hearing to determine probable cause will likely be scheduled if there are questions about available evidence. In the meantime, the defendant may need help from Bail Bondsmen in Huntsville AL has available.

Surety Bonds and Cash Bail

With the posting of a surety bond to the court, this individual can be released from jail without having to pay very expensive cash bail. Bail amounts tend to be set quite high for violent offenses like armed robbery and aggravated assault. The defendant may not have access to that much money, or at least may not be able to get it quickly.

Instead, fast service is provided by Bail Bondsmen in Huntsville AL has available. The nonrefundable fee for this service usually is 10 percent of cash bail; collateral may be required for the rest of the bail amount.

Previous Criminal History

Judges also may set bail higher than normal if the defendant has previously been convicted of a felony. The person may very well be innocent of this crime, but members of the justice system may be skeptical because of prior criminal history. Service from an agency like A Discount Bonding Co. Inc. may be the only way the defendant can be released from jail before trial or before the hearing to determine probable cause.

Excessive Bail

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits judges from imposing “excessive” bail requirements on defendants. However, what that word means in any given situation is debatable. Judges are even allowed to not set bail at all if they believe the defendant is a flight risk.

Regaining Control

In today’s judicial system, court dockets tend to be packed with hearings and trials well in advance. A defendant might have to wait weeks or months before trial begins. This is a long time for a person to sit in jail, even if he or she has been convicted of a previous offense. Visit website to start the process of regaining control of life’s circumstances.