What Does a Bondsman in Hurst TX Do After the Bond is Obtained?

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Bail Bonds


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Obtaining a bail bond can enable someone to help a loved one who has been arrested. The there will review everything they need to know about obtaining a bond with them, including how they’ll pay for the bond services as well as how they can secure the bond. Once all of this is done, the bondsman will handle the rest of the bond process.

Head to the Jail to Make the Payment

The bondsman will need to head to the jail to pay the full bail amount. The bond itself is their reassurance that they will receive their money back, plus a service fee, after they spend the money on the arrested person’s bail. The bail must be paid in full before the arrested person can be released, so the bondsman will try to pay the jail as quickly as possible.

The Jail Must Process the Bail Payment

Even if the bondsman is able to pay the bail immediately, it will take some time before the arrested person is released. The bail amount needs to be processed by the jail, then they need to go through the release process for the arrested person. The amount of time this step takes will vary depending on how busy the jail is and how many other people are waiting to be released.

The Arrested Person is Released

Once the jail is able to process the bail, they will release the arrested person. At the point, the arrested person is free to go home and to continue their normal daily life, though they will want to make sure they follow the terms of the bond. They are often required to attend their hearings and may need to return to jail after the hearings if they are convicted and given a jail sentence.

If your loved one has been arrested, speak with a Bondsman in Hurst TX so you can obtain a bond and they can be released as fast as possible. It’s important to choose a bondsman who can help speed up this process as much as possible so your loved one doesn’t have to wait in jail. Visit Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds online now and or to contact them to get the process started.

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